Abigale Wray

Being a young person who is from the care background and was kicked out of my mainstream schools and sent to a PRU, I can relate to some of the young people that LNK works with. I was a troubled teen myself and got into problems with the police and was arrested numerous times. As a teen my relationship with my mother deteriorated, and I was also sexual abused as a child. All of these different aspects added plenty of trauma to my life, and at a young age my mental health was affected without even knowing it myself. Through not having any support, guidance or help I was made to understand myself better, even though I did not understand what was going on mentally. Knife crime has always been an emotional subject for me, however after recently losing a dear friend of mine to knife crime the cause was brought got even closer to home.

When I was in year 11 at my Pupil Referral Unit I was referred to Lives Not Knives as part of the Aspire Higher programme, as my head teacher believed I needed support and guidance to move forward into college. Lives Not Knives gave me the support I was not getting within schools and the team were people I could turn to. I have always wanted to work with troubled teens and when I experienced the help and support Lives Not Knives gave I wanted to be able to give the same support, as I believed there was a need for the work Lives Not Knives were doing. After receiving mentoring from Lives Not Knives for over 2 years, Eliza offered me a job within the team.

Since working at Lives Not Knives I have undertaken numerous courses and training, including: trauma training, c-card training, sexual health training and first-aid training.

I want to help others because I feel like I can relate and understand these young people. I feel as if they are misunderstood within their communities and that no young person wakes up angry, but that there is always something going on behind the scenes. I want to give the support I lacked growing up. I also want to be a example for these young people, an example that shows that you can change your life around completely for the better. I want young people to feel loved, cared for and understood by their community. I want to give that love, care and understanding. I want to make young people a little bit happier.  

I believe there is a need for mentoring as I feel young peoples are giving up on themselves because they lack the guidance, support and advice needed to overcome these obstacles.

Mentoring, to me, means “understanding”.


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