Aleah Morris

I’m Aleah Morris, twenty-two-year-old aspiring entrepreneur, and the latest addition to the LNK family. I would describe myself as tenacious, empathetic, and caring with a sprinkle of craziness and creativity.

Growing up in a ‘rougher’ part of South London, I have always been aware of the dangers of the streets, the volatile relationship between my community and authorities and the lifestyle I could easily fall into without correct direction. So, quite early on, I was moved to West London in the hopes of having a ‘safer’ upbringing. Despite moving, the same struggles and dangers were still apparent. The influence of criminality, including gangs, drugs, weapons & violence etc were frequently affecting my friends and family, so I became quite familiar and desensitised to it.

Once I finished sixth form, I attended the University of Leicester, studying Criminology where I learned much more about the reasons for criminality and investigated methods to reduce recidivism and prevent crime overall. Early on, I realised how instrumental and influential youth and childhood are in determining our future. On that note, this is when I learned that I wanted to centre my career in advocating for youth, supporting, empowering, mentoring, and ensuring those who cannot defend themselves are treated justly, given equal opportunities and respected- this is where my role at LNK comes into place.

LNK aligns itself with so many values of mine. Alike LNK, I am passionate about reducing and preventing youth violence though mentorship, so, the ‘hands on’ approach of visiting schools and creating a youth hub, seems to me, the perfect place to make a practical change to educate and inspire our youth of today. I hope that my time at LNK, I will develop my understanding and become a better version of myself. As a new mentor, I would you to know that I’m patient, non-judgement, honest and respectful. I am here to help, so if there’s anything I can do to make your situation easier, better your life or just be someone to talk to, I’m the person for you.

I hope in the future, I will be able to create a community programme such as LNK, bringing it to my community in West London, and aid the future youth of my area. I am genuinely passionate, dedicated, and excited about this new role and optimistic of where this journey will take me.

I am so thankful and honoured to join a team as great as the one at Lives Not Knives!