Daniel Dwumfour

I am 27 years old and I have always lived in South London – within or around Croydon. In my early teens I attended St. Joseph’s College before going to Harris Academy South Norwood for Sixth Form. During my time at Harris, I developed a strong passion for media (especially video editing), which was one of my subjects at the time so I was the only student in my class to go ahead and pursue this as a undergraduate course at university in 2012. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete my course at Kingston University due to mitigating circumstances and went on a break from education until I returned in 2015 at Middlesex University in Hendon. My time there was purposeful and the story behind my completion makes the 2:1 that I was awarded more special. I also had the privilege of being acknowledged during my graduation ceremony for the work I did during my internship at the BBC, which I obtained through the university.

The real me loves football and I currently play for a semi-professional team. I run my own media business outside of LNK which specialises in film, photography and graphic design. I’m a family man and I also love to sing (literally everywhere lol) and enjoy dancing when I’m not on Netflix. Above all, my faith in God as a Christian is the source of my morals, strength and love of everything and everyone that comes my way.

As a young adult I am moved by the opportunity to also affect other young people and those much younger than me with positive values and morals that will help shape their lives. Youth work is so important nowadays because it is so easy to be swayed by the wrong examples and ways of doing things, which come from TV, social media and our environment. I believe that young people need to be taught the importance of the (fun)damentals of life for them. This means that they are young enough to have fun but to understand that finding their purpose in life and making meaningful use of their time is very essential and key to living a content life. There is more to everyone and it is up to us individually and with the help of other to find it and stick to it. I am very excited about the journey ahead with such a vibrant and dedicated team in LNK and the young people I will meet.