Keeleigh Bright

I am 22 years old and was born in Essex. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the most stable family life and I had to move house and area many times, meaning I also had to move school alot. However, I have finally settled in Surrey and feel at home and I am comfortable in my personal life, and to top it off I have found the career that I want to pursue for the rest of my life. 

I have a BSc degree in Psychology from Royal Holloway and I always knew I wanted to use this knowledge to help people who may have experienced trauma or have been suffering with their mental health. Before this I was working in a school with the Special Educational Needs department. This was very rewarding but I always knew my real passion was to work with young people outside of a school environment. I have always supported the idea that if you help people overcome the trauma in their personal life from as young as possible, they will be able to excel in life without their past being a burden to them. This is what gravitated me to this job as I had seen the amazing work this charity had done to help vulnerable children in and around Croydon and I couldn’t wait to be a part of the team here. 

I am a very enthusiastic and easy-going person who enjoys working hard and trying new things, and this has never changed despite any challenges I have faced such as school, university or living on my own. These are the kind of qualities young people around me will see and I hope that I can come across as a good role model to them. This is why my role as a mentor is so important, young people will see me continuously and often so I will be a constant in their life and if I promote positivity and good qualities, hopefully this will allow them to steer clear of anything that may ruin their chances in life. As I haven’t had the ‘perfect’ life myself I hope this allows our young people to not feel alone and to know that negativity from your younger life doesn’t have to affect where you can go as an adult. 

In my time at Lives Not Knives, I hope to have a positive impact on young people's lives and prevent them from making bad decisions. I also hope to use my creativity to organise good fundraisers which will raise some additional money for our young people, while developing my management and organisational skills. My main aim is to develop the skills of the young people we work with, while also being able to develop personally.