Nicole Brierley

My name is Nicole, I'm 21 years old and I am from West London. I moved to London after living in Hong Kong for the early part of my life.


In my teens, I became increasingly aware of the rising cases of youth violence in London and the wrong path that young people can go down. It seems that a lot of mainstream narratives problematize today's youth. It is vital that we diversify this narrative and break down damaging stereotypes surrounding knife crime in order to raise awareness and in turn generate change towards a more equal society. After graduating from university with a BSc Sociology degree, I knew that I wanted to work in a sector that would support people to overcome adversity, and be actively part of the change I want to see in the world. 


This is why I am grateful to work at a charity like LNK. LNK mirrors my own beliefs towards youth-led initiatives, and working collaboratively with the government to provide adequate schemes and programmes for young people. LNK’s educational approach to knife crime prevention makes my role as a youth worker have purpose. Mentoring to me is invaluable, because I believe it allows young people the opportunity to fulfill their highest potential and overcome structural barriers they face. 


Through working here I hope to understand how to better support the lives of young people who are vulnerable to crime and violence. I ultimately wish to have a positive impact on young people’s lives, help them achieve their ambitions, and broaden the opportunities for both the youth and charity as a whole. Eventually, I hope for LNK's mission to spread and expand, so we can tackle the knife crime epidemic at a larger scale.