Venice Jacobs

My name is Venice Jacobs Arbuckle, I am passionate, positive and unapologetically myself.  I am twenty-one and grew up in south London. Growing up in South London meant that knife crime and youth violence was an ongoing prominent issue that was often subject to media coverage and became a moral panic amongst communities. As I got older knife crime cases began to get closer to home. When I would talk to my parents and peers about this issue I would always ask “why?” I wanted to understand why the youth felt the need to join gangs and carry knives.

After leaving sixth form, I went on to study Applied Social Science Community Development and Youth Work at university, to further explore my passion for combating and understanding knife crime and youth violence.

I recently joined Lives Not Knives as I recognise the need for and importance of educating and empowering the youth and I know LNK take pride in doing this.

I believe it is important to listen to young people and support and develop them as individuals. As a youth worker, I will strive to empower young people within my role as well as encouraging them to empower themselves. I believe it is important for young people to have someone they can relate to as well as someone they can view as a positive role model.

Whilst mentoring young people I will ensure individuals feel heard, supported, and understood as I understand that a lot of the time young people just want to feel like their opinions and concerns matter and, in some cases, young people want someone to voice those concerns for them. I have always wanted to be an advocate for young people as growing up I never felt like my opinion mattered or that I was being encouraged to empower myself.

I am excited and thankful that I have been blessed with my role at Lives Not Knives and look forward to learning, teaching, and supporting the youth.