Youth Ambassador

In addition to longstanding programmes like the Roadshows, since 2018 LNK have also run an initiative involving Youth Ambassadors. As a youth-led charity this programme stands as an important component of our work, and involves collaborating with young people (aged 14-18) from the local community who want to further our cause and help represent us in a different way. Often these young people are regulars at the LNK Youth Hub, and share the same desire to reduce knife and gang-related violence in Croydon.

Currently we work with seven youth ambassadors, who we meet with once a month for a workshop. These ambassadors can fulfil a number of roles depending on their availability and the needs of the charity. This could include things such as: promoting our events on their social media accounts, helping in the organisation of our events and fundraisers, and even assisting the youth workers on Roadshows.

This provides our youth ambassadors with valuable experience of being in a working environment, and aims to give them the skills to become a 'Peer Leader' who can help to influence and guide other students onto the right path. We help to develop these skills by offering them the opportunity for receive onsite training and obtain qualifications in a variety of subject areas, including with first aid, mentoring, social media and with the Roadshows. In addition we offer them support to achieve their goals including, but not limited to, CV building, interview preparations, as well as job and college applications.

The ambassadors will be treated as a formal staff member, and will be expected to maintain a time commitment to the charity and sign a contract agreeing to our standards of behaviour. If these standards are not met, they will have their contract terminated. 

If you are aged between 14 and 18 and would like to become a Youth Ambassador for LNK please email: with the subject line 'Youth Ambassador' and we can send over the relevant information- depending on availability.