Social Value Papers

What does Social Value mean?

As defined by the government, "social value refers to the wider financial and non-financial impacts of projects and programmes including the wellbeing of individuals and communities, social capital and the environment".[1] In effect, the term social value stands a way of measuring the benefits that an organisation or programme has on the wider community.[1]

What is in a Social Value Paper?

While there are no designated instructions about what to include in these papers, at LNK we typically include a number of things to discuss the social value of our charity and our projects that year. This includes: 

  • A brief overview of our team and an explanation of our strategy (early intervention and the importance of prevention), as well as statistical evidence to back it up.

  • Discussion of the programmes we have run that year, such as mentoring or Roadshows, and discuss how these have been executed and how they may differ from previous years.

  • Include case studies of young people who have been part of the programme. 

  • Results of our programmes in the form of graphs / charts. 

  • Quotes from teachers and other staff who have reviewed our programmes.

Who writes it?

At Lives Not Knives we have no guidelines concerning who writes our Social Value Paper. As a result of this in the past we have had young people who have done work experience complete the research to create our paper, whilst other times it has been completed by a full-time staff member. 

If you would like to read one of our Social Value Papers please click on one of the links below. 

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