Youth Hub

Supplying a Safe and Fun Environment 

Youth Hub is an initiative run by LNK which includes using our office in Centrale Shopping Centre as a Youth Hub two days a week. For this our staff keep the office open until 18:30 (usually close at 17:00), and invite young people from the local community to come down after school.  With activities such as table tennis, board games, and games consoles, we supply a space where young people can socialise, have fun, and forget about their problems in a safe environment. We like to build relationships with the young people that we work with, and therefore view the Youth Hub and other events we run as a useful way to meet young people, offer support, and let them enjoy themselves. 

By supporting young people and providing a space for them to enjoy themselves, we can help those most disadvantaged in our community avoid becoming involved in crime and, instead, convert their energy into something positive. In so doing we can support young people to overcome obstacles, set an example for others, and become an asset to society - benefiting not only them, but the entire community.  

Shanall (15): "LNK is a youth centre where all ages go if you're having problems, or if you just want to have fun...For me LNK is a place to feel like a family and to feel safe instead of hanging around on these dangerous streets...LNK is a family coming together as a whole community to hold each other through struggles and things we need help in"