Street Fundraisers?
Not us!

Over the last year and a half, we’ve been contacted by several members of the public who have been “aggressively approached” and felt “harassed” by street fundraisers. They have mistaken our charity with another and have sent a number of complaints. We by all means do not want to discredit the work of other charities, and encourage donors to find out more about the charity they're donating to in order to avoid confusion. LNK work in schools and from the LNK Unit (based in Croydon), and do not have a street team or pay anyone to fundraise for us. Please find out more about us on our website - we, as always, appreciate your support! 

To read an article where our CEO, Eliza, discusses this, please click here: Charity warns of street collecting scam abusing their name | Inside Croydon